Introducing the Pedal Press

by Jo - Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Have you ever really wanted to document your travels but been a little overwhelmed by the prospect of starting a blog? Are you curious who else is going to be cycling with you? Want to just share stories & photos and wondered how to do that? We have your answer: PEDAL PRESS!

Although we briefly introduced the Pedal Press earlier this summer, here’s a more complete explanation of what this website can offer you.

What is it? The Pedal Press is a digital travel journal that is created specifically for ExperiencePlus! travelers. It gives you the opportunity to meet other tour participants before your tour, record your impressions and post photos during or after the tour if you have an iPhone or iPad you can do it on your mobile device – and most importantly – after you return, you can keep sharing photos and stories with fellow travelers.   You can also share the link with friends and family so that others can see where you are going and be updated on your adventures if you wish.

Who is on it and how does it work? A special page is created for each tour departure and you’ll be able to start conversations with your fellow cyclists by using the email invitation and login link that we send you.  Your login is your email, so for those of you who take multiple trips, you’ll start to collect different Pedal Press pages and be able to catalog  all of your tours and stay in touch with various travelers from different trips.

Bonuses: For those of you who have either an iPad or an iPhone, there is a Pedal Press app, so you can post while you’re on tour. If you are a pen-and-paper journaler, you can post your favorite memories when you return. Want to print your journal and create a coffee table book? Pedal Press has that option as well.  We won’t tell you everything here, or you won’t be surprised when you sign into the Pedal Press! Keep your eye out in your inbox for a personal invitation about 30 days before your departure to get started.

We hope that this platform will encourage you to journal either on tour or reminisce post-tour, and connect with your fellow cyclists to keep those memories fresh! One note – this is still in test phase, but we are finding that we can easily fix bugs – so feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.

If you would you like to see an example of a particularly stand-out “Pedal Presser,” head to Guy Cunningham’s travel journal.


Jo - JoAnne “Jo” Baldwin was our Reservations and Marketing Associate from 2011 to March 1, 2014. She enjoys looking for new projects and places to visit, and always eager to try a new recipe or climb another hill (either on bike or on foot). She seeks to share various elements of local culture and history with our followers, particularly recipes. In 2014 Jo headed west towards Seattle to look for more hiking, camping, or skiing, but luckily for us she still shares her favorite recipes and travel stories in our Rambler e-newsletter.