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Guaranteed To Go in September!

by Jessie Beyer - Wednesday, June 19, 2019

September is a great month to enjoy some of Europe’s finest fall cycling weather. Keep your summer cycling momentum going with these three departures that are Guaranteed To Go this September.

Cycling Italy’s Lakes District Plus!

Italy’s Lakes District has always been a transition zone between peninsular Italy and Alpine Europe. This series of lakes created by the melt-water of alpine glaciers enjoys a unique micro-climate that harbors olive and citrus groves, exotic botanic gardens, villas, and extraordinary vistas. Long an attraction for writers and artists, the Lake District provides an incomparable bicycle experience. You’ll cycle from Lago Maggiore to Lake Lugano in Switzerland onward to Lake Como, Lago d’Iseo and the finale on the shores of Lake Garda. Along the way you’ll have a guided tour of Bergamo Alta – one of our favorite cities in Italy! …enjoy a sampling of fine Franciacorta sparkling wine and learn more about its history from a local vintner.

Highlights: Lake Maggiore, Stresa, Lake Lugano, Lugano, Switzerland, Campione d’Italia, Lake Como, Madonna del Ghisallo Bicycle Museum, Four 2-night stays, Bergamo Alta – Guided tour, Monte Isola, Franciacorta sparkling wine tasting, Lake Garda

2019 Departure Dates

Cycling Italy’s Lakes District (7 days)

Sep 13-23: Guaranteed to Go

Cycling Italy’s Lakes District Plus! (11 days)

Sep 13-23: Guaranteed to Go

Cycling the Dordogne Plus! the Vineyards of Bordeaux

Western France’s Dordogne River flows nearly 500 kilometers from the volcanic Massif Central region through deep gorges, steep cliffs, fertile farmland and famed vineyards to its mouth in the Bay of Biscay near Bordeaux. Our route traces the river’s descent from Cahors to St. Émilion by way of some of the most scenic cycling routes and most hospitable hosts in Europe. Add visits to the Lascaux 4 cave, two nights in St. Émilion, wine tastings and great food, and you have one of our all-time favorite bicycle tours.

Highlights : Lascaux Centre International, 3 nights in Sarlat, Rocamadour, Côtes de Bergerac & St. Émilion, wine areas of Monbazillac, Gouffres of Padirac, medieval castles, beautiful landscapes

2019 Departure Dates

Cycling the Dordogne (7-days)

Sep 3-9: Guaranteed to Go
Oct 1-7, 2019 – Two More to Guarantee the Departure

Cycling the Dordogne Plus! the Vineyards of Bordeaux (11-days)

Sep 3-13: Guaranteed to Go
Oct 1-11 – Two More to Guarantee the Departure

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Bicycling the South of France Plus!

The South of France, or Langue d’Oc region, has always been a border region – between Spain and France, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, and, in ancient times, between Rome and northern Gaul. Today it’s classic Mediterranean France with vast expanses of vineyards, vestiges of Roman history in Nimes and Narbonne, and a mix of languages that include classic French, traditional Occitan, and Catalan. Join us to bicycle and explore this little traveled region on quiet roads so small you’ll swear you’re on a bike path.

Highlights: Nimes, Bamboo Forest Reserve, Carcassonne, Great bicycle rides, St. Guilhem le Desert, Canal du Midi, Cathar castles, Kings of Majorca and St. John’s Cathedral

2019 Dates:

Bicycling the South of France (8-days)

Aug 31-Sep 7: Guaranteed to Go

Bicycling the South of France Plus! (11-days)

Aug 31-Sep 10: Two More to Guarantee the Departure

Psssst: 2020 dates for South of France are posted! Book now and Save $200!

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