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Happy Valentines Day!

December in Patagonia with ExperiencePlus!

When Rick and Paola (founders of ExperiencePlus!) included the name “experience” in their new company name in the early 90s they hadn’t read the research that showed how “experiences” provide more happiness than “things”.  They just inherently knew it!  Maria Elena (current owner and daughter of the founders) had the pleasure of studying with a psychologist who in fact researches this subject at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  At one point she considered continuing her studies in this particular field of research since she had witnessed proof of this phenomenon every day on tour. Ultimately the idea of actually creating and planning someone’s experience trumped the thought of researching and writing papers about them, so she decided to come back to the family business. Food for thought as you ponder what to do for your loved one this Valentine’s day!

In other news, we are still buried in snow here in Colorado (and, for the most part, enjoying it), but we admit that our thoughts turn to the Southern Hemisphere this time of year.  We love receiving photos and updates from sunny warm places.  If you missed out on our S. America departures this season, it isn’t too late to start planning for next year.  Stay tuned as we’ll be posting our dates for December 2014 and 2015 departures for Patagonia’s Lakes District, Discovering Northern Argentina and our tour in Chile’s Wine Country very soon.  And as many of you know, we’ll also be promoting our Early Booking Discount for those new 2014/2015 dates.   We are also working on bringing back our Coast to Coast Expedition that first ran in 2008.  So if you are interested in that trip, keep an eye out for that itinerary or give us a call or email.

Meanwhile, our office in Europe is opening up and starting work on preparing for the busy upcoming summer season that starts in April.

Whatever this month brings you, we hope you are able to spend some time with loved ones and enjoy some fabulous experiences.

Monica and Maria Elena


The Secrets of Mantua

La Rotonda di San Lorenzo

Tour leader Enrico Dal Monte tells us about one of his favorite towns in Italy and asks that you join him to help save one of its treasures.

Learn more about La Rotonda di San Lorenzo.

ExperiencePlus! is Giving Back

Send a Teacher Traveling with ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours

The ExperiencePlus! Send a Teacher Traveling Award (S.A.T.T.) recognizes outstanding K – 12 public school teachers throughout the US. The deadline for applications is March 31, 2014

Read more about the S.A.T.T. program and other ways ExperiencePlus! is giving back. Teachers and non-profit organizations this is for you!

Meet Your Tour Leaders: Enrico Dal Monte

ExperiencePlus! tour leader Enrico Dal Monte checking in before a ride in Sardinia.

Which ExperiencePlus! tour leader speaks six languages, wishes he were a rock star, and has led tours with us since 2010?

Find out here.

Book Reviews: A Bicycle Pilgrimage from Andalusia to the Hebrides by John Hanson Mitchell

Following The Sun

ExperiencePlus! traveler Phillip Singer offers up his impressions of Mitchell’s cycling journey which begins in southern Spain on the vernal equinox and ends on the Isle of Lewis on the summer solstice.

The journey begins here.

Recipe: Swiss Chard and Brocciu Cheese Tart

Swiss Chard and Brocciu Cheese Tart

The island of Corsica has much to offer from breathtaking views to a unique history and culture. The goats and sheep that graze on the mountainsides produce milk that local artisans transform into flavorful cheeses. What better way to celebrate a fantastic bicycle destination than to share a savory tart recipe that highlights one of the region’s specialty cheeses?

Corsica tours in May and September are now guaranteed to run; let this tart be your first taste of your next bicycle vacation.

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