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by ExperiencePlus! - Tuesday, February 1, 2011 ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours Rambler Newsletter

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Welcome to the February 2011 ExperiencePlus! Rambler

Dear Folks,

If you are in the northern hemisphere you have likely experienced some very cold temperatures lately.  Here in Fort Collins, CO we had a spring-like weekend with highs in the 60s. Monday and Tuesday brought a -65 degree change with highs of -5!  It may be frozen outside, but exciting things are happening in the ExperiencePlus! world.

Visitors from overseas: Monica Malpezzi Price (co-owner and Director of International Operations) and her husband and European Tour Leader Michele Boglioni are in town until February 9th.

Industry Recognition: Monica was recently appointed to the Adventure Travel Trade Association World Summit Advisory Board. We are proud that her passion and dedication to the industry have been recognized as she joins a group of prestigious industry leaders.

New Arrival: We’d like to welcome Amalia Katherine Hancock to the ExperiencePlus! family.  Longtime employee, Tour Leader and our Country Coordinator in France Jonathan Hancock just became Babbo (dad) Jonathan – congratulations to him and Elisa! We can’t wait to see Amalia on her first bicycle.

Three Opportunities to Visit with Us: If you are in the Boulder, CO area Tuesday, February 8th ExperiencePlus! is hosting a happy hour at one of our favorite Italian restaurants: Laudisio. Join us from 4:00 – 6:00PM and enjoy conversation about travel and tasty appetizers.  RSVP

If you are in the Boston area February 11 – 13, Monica and Michele will be at the Boston Globe Travel Show and you can find them at Booth 833. If you prefer a more relaxed setting meet them for a drink at the Tamo Bar in the Seaport Hotel, February 10th or 13th from 5:00 to 7:00PM. They would be thrilled to help you plan your next bicycle tour.

On the opposite coast you’ll have a chance to meet with Maria Elena (co-owner) at the Seattle Bike Expo, March 12th and 13th.  We’ll be hosting a happy hour in Seattle as well, so stay tuned for the details.  Also, Cristina Taioli will be traveling through the US next month meeting with past travelers and bicycle clubs. If you are ever interested in hosting your own Happy Hour to gather some momentum send us a note and we’ll help you set it up.

Wherever you are this month, stay warm.

Maria Elena and Monica Price

Bicycling the Mediterranean: Corsica and Sardinia

Bicycling along the coast of Sardinia. Photo by Gregg Bleakney

We recently interviewed Jonathan Hancock and Monica Malpezzi Price about two of our favorite places to bicycle in the Mediterranean, Corsica and Sardinia. Corsica is north of Sardinia and mere kilometers away by sea, though surprisingly the two islands are quite different topographically which is great if you’d like to do both trips! In fact we have scheduled them back to back and offer you a $400, per person, discount if you combine them. We’ll also throw in your ferry ticket to get from Corsica to Sardinia!

  • Read their interviews, enjoy a slide show featuring some photos from professional photographer Gregg Bleakney and learn more about Bicycling Corsica and Sardinia.

Tips for Using Your Credit Card Internationally

Using your credit card internationally is getting a bit more complicated. The Wall Street Journal recently published a story that can help you save money and headaches.

Why I Bike: Episode 10

Jerry and Dick Smallwood riding in Sicily with ExperiencePlus!

ExperiencePlus! is one of the only bicycle touring companies that provide tandems to our customers so not surprisingly we have a fair number of tandem riders join us in Europe every year. Jerry and Dick Smallwood have ridden a tandem for over 20 years and this month they tell us why they bike.

Make Your Town a Better Bike Town by Rick Price Ph.D.

Mia Birk’s book Joyride:  Pedaling toward a Healthier Planet, is a “how-to manual” for creating a first class bicycle community.  Anyone in government or anyone interested in bicycle advocacy would benefit from reading Birk as a way to put their community on the right track to becoming bicycle friendly.

Sformato di Parmigiano or Soufflé of Parmesan Cheese

We often receive requests from our fellow travelers who have eaten something fabulous on tour and are hopeful that we can find or have a recipe for them. A recent example is a Parmesan Pudding or Soufflé that Toni Atkinson enjoyed on a trip way back in 2005!

Happy Cycling until next month!

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