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by ExperiencePlus! - Wednesday, December 1, 2010 ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours Rambler Newsletter

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Welcome to the December 2010 ExperiencePlus! Rambler

Dear Folks,

Curious what Rick has been doing since he retired?

Happy Holidays!  We hope the season finds you traveling to sunny and warm places with friends and family. This year, the holidays find the Malpezzi Price family traveling far and wide. Monica is enjoying her honeymoon with new husband and fellow ExperiencePlus! tour leader Michele Boglioni in Africa. Maria Elena and her fiancé Seth are traveling to southern Colorado to spend time with his family and to enjoy a week of fabulous skiing and Colorado’s famous powder. Rick and Paola will head to Oregon, where they first met in 1966, and visit family on the coast.  Before heading to Oregon, Rick has been enjoying himself this holiday season in Fort Collins. Do you recognize Santa?

Speaking of family and friends, if you are still struggling with what to do this Christmas and New Year what could be better than bicycling around Costa Rica? We still have space on our December 26 – January 1, and December 26 – January 4, Coasting Costa Rica cycling tours. San José, Costa Rica is just a few hours away and the average high temperature in December and January is 80F, or 27C. Need we say more?

Just in case you missed it in last month’s Rambler we have just posted the departure dates for two of our all time favorite bicycling tours, Cycling Corsica – The Island of Beauty and Bicycling Sardinia – Alghero to Cagliari. These Mediterranean jewels offer breathtaking coastal roads, and gorgeous interior mountains, but they couldn’t be more culturally different. Corsica, a part of France, features colorful markets, and unique culinary specialties that combine Mediterranean, French and Italian influences. Though Italy’s Sardinia is just 7 kilometers to the south by ferry from Corsica you will think you’ve entered another world, and you have! Want the quintessential Mediterranean bicycling vacation? Combine both tours and you’ll save $200 off each trip.

Which leads us to our next exciting announcement. Do ANY two (or more) ExperiencePlus! trips in a calendar year and you too will save $200 per departure. (This discount cannot be combine with any others, and excludes our ExpeditionPlus! and TourzPlus! trips. See our Discount Page for more details on how to save.)

A wonderful holiday season to all, and thank you for being a part of our bicycling family,

Maria Elena and Monica Price

Bicycle Vacations: Stress-Free Fun for Friends and Family

We at ExperiencePlus! have noticed an interesting trend amongst our travelers: more and more folks are inviting friends and family to join them on their bicycling vacation. These groups come in all shapes and sizes but if you are looking for ideas on how to rally the troops and bring your favorite people together…

Take Your Work-Out Inside and Reap the Benefits by Leah Barrett, MS, LCSW

A spin class at become fit in Fort Collins, CO

Want to be stronger next cycling season? Try some Indoor Cycling (a.k.a Spinining) and incorporate some yoga classes to reap the benefits that increased flexibility and a stronger core offer.

Why I Bike: Episode

ExperiencePlus! customer Becca Austin on the Poudre bike trail.

This month tour leader Toomas Lelov and customer Becca Austin share the reasons why they bicycle.

Book Review

Brunelleschi’s Dome by Ross King – Reviewed by ExperiencePlus! Customer Bill Giovinazzo

She lay there, basking in the sun of a Tuscan August. Her beauty is beyond any of her kind. She is the queen of the Renaissance, Firenze. She is the queen mother who gave birth and nurtured so many greats. It is only fitting, therefore, that this queen should wear a crown greater than all others. That she should wear The Dome, Brunelleschi’s Dome.

From Mamma Paola’s Kitchen

Ragú Pasta sauce

Ragú is comfort food Italian style for the Malpezzi Price family. Simple ingredients  combine to form a delicious sauce for your favorite pasta. A dinner mainstay (leftovers are even better!) to help get you through the winter.

If you would like additional recipes, visit our online recipe archive. You’ll find recipes for European and Latin American specialties like Panzanella: a Tuscan Salad, Tapenade, Gallo Pinto, and more.

Happy Cycling until next month!

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