Best Guides Nomination

by Jo - Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wanderlust Magazine wants to recognize and honor the consummate guides of the travel world.  We’ve heard from you that you think that our tour leaders are the best in the business so wouldn’t it be fitting to see your favorite guide chosen for the 2013 World Guide Award?

This year, before you look ahead to your next bicycle vacation, take some time to look back and reminisce, remember your stand-out tour leaders, and nominate them for an award!  Head to Wanderlust’s webpage to learn more about the program, and if you’re ready to roll, we’ve included the link to the nomination form right here.

Jo - JoAnne “Jo” Baldwin was our Reservations and Marketing Associate from 2011 to March 1, 2014. She enjoys looking for new projects and places to visit, and always eager to try a new recipe or climb another hill (either on bike or on foot). She seeks to share various elements of local culture and history with our followers, particularly recipes. In 2014 Jo headed west towards Seattle to look for more hiking, camping, or skiing, but luckily for us she still shares her favorite recipes and travel stories in our Rambler e-newsletter.