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by ExperiencePlus! - Thursday, December 2, 2021

Many people, including ourselves, are itching to travel. As you dream about your next trip and browse our departure dates we understand you will have lots of questions about logistics, cancellations etc.

We are starting to slowly confirm our late summer and fall European departures. We are checking government updates daily in addition to working with colleagues in the travel industry to ensure we’re creating and following the best safety policies for your trips.

For the remainder of 2021, ExperiencePlus! will require travelers on our trips be vaccinated. Our primary aim is to minimize the risk to our travelers, our tour leaders, and locals and we think this will help with those goals.

  • As most countries are catching up with vaccination rates, we can’t guarantee that all tour leaders and locals in our destination countries have had the opportunity to be vaccinated. Our travelers being vaccinated helps protect them.
  • Due to a variety of local and regional regulations, some individual establishments – such as hotels or restaurants – may require repetitive testing for unvaccinated guests.  Managing such frequent testing will not be logistically possible for us throughout the tour and may be detrimental to our travelers’ experience.
  • A traveler contracting COVID-19 on a group tour would pose a health risk to fellow travelers and tour leaders and could seriously disrupt the trip for the others.
  • We hope the spread of variants can be contained and that our destination countries are able to stay open to tourism. Requiring our travelers be vaccinated will help to minimize our impact on the variant spread.

Common questions related to traveling during COVID-19

Are there any changes to ExperiencePlus!’s terms and conditions due to COVID-19?

Yes, we have made changes to provide the most flexibility during these unprecedented times. Among these changes, we clarified the definition of an event of force majeure (such as the COVID-19 pandemic), and we also expanded and simplified our Money on Account options. For full details and the most current version, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

What if ExperiencePlus! has to cancel my tour due to COVID-19 travel restrictions?

As long as COVID-19 travel restrictions are in place, in the destination country or in your country of origin, and force ExperiencePlus! to cancel a tour, our COVID-19 Terms and Conditions will apply.

What if I have to cancel my tour due to COVID-19?

As long as COVID-19 travel restrictions are in place, in the destination country or your country of origin, and force you to cancel a tour the COVID-19 terms and conditions will apply.

What if I cancel my tour for reasons not related to COVID-19?

Our standard Terms and Conditions will apply. If you have Money on Account with us, please refer to the section below.

Can I book a private tour with my friends or family?

We offer private and custom departures if you would prefer to travel with a private group of your friends and family. Learn more about this option on the Private and Custom Dates section of our website.

Will I get a refund on my deposit if I decide not to travel?

If your deposit is made with Money on Account (MOA), then your funds will be placed back on account, depending on the cancellation terms.  If you booked after April 1, 2020 for a 2021 trip and decide to cancel by January 15, 2021, our Flexible Deposit Amendment applies and a full deposit refund is possible. Otherwise our Terms and Conditions will apply.

When will my final payment be taken?

If travel restrictions due to COVID-19 are in place at that time, then we will delay taking final payment until the travel restrictions are lifted. Under our standard Terms and Conditions, final payment will be taken 90 days prior to the departure date (120 days for Bike and Boat tours).

When will my trip be confirmed? When should I start planning and booking my flights, hotels, etc.?

We normally confirm departures when we reach a minimum number of 6 participants. A departure guarantee or confirmation means you can rest assured we have enough people to run your trip and you can make travel plans. Our flexible Covid-19 Terms allow for transfers with no fee up to 30 days before a trip.  In the unlikely circumstance that our tour numbers do fall below 6 participants we might have to re-evaluate a tour confirmation. Normally this means simply changing a few logistics while we still run the trip. Therefore, if your trip is already guaranteed please consider the impact transferring has on this tour.

If you have any questions about your trip guarantee please send an email to We do recommend you wait to make travel arrangements until your trip is confirmed or make sure they have flexible policies if you want to book before the trip is guaranteed.

For travel planning and information on entry and exit requirements please see our Travel Planning Instructions page.

What are ExperiencePlus!'s COVID-19 safety measures on tour?

You can view our COVID-19 Safety Protocol. This is a living document, which we will keep updating as we learn.

As new ways of traveling unfold, know that ensuring everyone’s safety is at the top of our list. One thing we do know is that flexibility is going to be key and it will be a fascinating time to be traveling.

What do I do about travel insurance?

Contact your insurance provider directly with questions before purchasing a policy and make sure that cancellations in case you contract COVID-19 before or during your trip. You might find our Basics on Travel Insurance helpful as you consider policy options.

We always recommend taking out a policy to be protected against unforeseen circumstances. Refer to our travel insurance page for a suggested provider.

What if I contract COVID-19 and have to quarantine while abroad?

We will do our best to assist you in finding arrangements for any required quarantine. You will be responsible for any quarantine costs that you incur so we recommend that you take out trip insurance that includes quarantine coverage.

How Do I Know What Entry Requirements Are For My Tour Destination?

If you are looking at a particular tour we recommend you also look into the US Embassy’s Covid 19 Information website for that country. Generally that website has good details about what the current state of entry requirements might be. We are also happy to help answer any questions.

As we consider which tours to operate we’ll be looking at entry and exit requirements as well as local covid restrictions to make sure all of those aspects are manageable. Travel Planning instructions for destinations we are currently operating in can be found at this link.

What is Money on Account?

Upon cancellation, Money on Account (MOA) gives travelers the option to place funds on account for future use in booking a tour operated by ExperiencePlus!.  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Any extra credit given to you by ExperiencePlus! has no cash value and can only be used for tours operated by ExperiencePlus!

What can I do with Money on Account?

Money on Account (MOA) can be applied to any trip operated by ExperiencePlus!.

Can I use Money on Account on a TourzPlus trip?

You can’t use Money on Account on TourzPlus tours as they are not operated by ExperiencePlus!

Can I apply this to any other travel expenses like hotels?

Money on Account cannot be applied to external trip costs such as hotel costs, transportation costs or other incidentals.

When will Money on Account expire?

Money on Account expires on December 31, two years following the date of cancellation.

What if I can’t use my Money on Account?

You can transfer your Money on Account to someone else to book a tour operated by ExperiencePlus!. Or you may contact us to request an extension before the expiration date.

What happens if I apply Money on Account to a future tour and that tour is also cancelled by ExperiencePlus!?

If ExperiencePlus! is forced to cancel the tour, then the expiration date of the Money on Account will be extended to December 31, two years following the date of the new cancellation or you can transfer funds to another departure operated by ExperiencePlus!.

What happens if I cancel a tour that I have booked using Money on Account?

If you cancel your tour, your funds will be placed back on account and extended as specified in our Terms and Conditions.

What if I have excess Money on Account after booking my next tour?

If you are not using your full funds on account, your remaining balance will remain on account to be used on or before December 31, two years following the initial cancellation. This includes any extra credit you may have received.

More general questions about our tours? Check our standard FAQ or ask us?

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