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Cycling Vacations in Bulgaria

Occupying the northeastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is little known to most of us. But this small country is a fabulous place to travel by bike. Inhabited since prehistoric times and still serving as a borderland between East and West, Bulgaria offers a unique mix of cultural heritage that you'll find nowhere else. Experience Bulgaria by bicycle with us and you'll see firsthand the remnants of the Ottoman Empire in the country?s architecture and mosques, as almost 20% of Bulgarians are Moslem. You'll also ride by some of the largest sunflower fields anywhere.

After offering bicycle and walking tours in over eighteen countries since 1972, we decided to create something for those who have traveled the classic destinations in Europe and are looking for something different. So in 2006 we led our inaugural ExpeditionPlus! from St. Petersburg to Istanbul. This 2,650 mile ride passes through the Baltic Countries, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. We visit Bulgaria during the third of three stages during the expedition. We enjoyed this country so much that we decided to dedicate an enitire tour to this part of the world. So, if you don't want a closer look at this fascinating country join us on our Bicycling the Balkans tour.

Join us for this unique bicycle adventure. Pass through Bulgaria and pedal into the foothills of the Balkan Mountains. See the famous rock formations of Belogradchik, which are similar to what you'll find in Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Visit living museum village of Koprivshtitsa and the historic center of Plovdiv with its impressive Bulgarian "revival" architecture.

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