Fort Collins Staff

Julie Horton

Julie Horton of ExperiencePlus! Julie Horton is the Director of Operations at ExperiencePlus! Julie has walked or biked in more than 20 countries around the world. On her year long trip around the world, she rode more than 14,000 miles through 11 countries. When not traveling or working, she enjoys skiing in Colorado, playing with her dogs, attending film festivals and shooting hoops. Email Julie at

Rich Young

Rich Young of ExperiencePlus! in the French AlpsRich Young is a cyclist, bike mechanic, ExperiencePlus! programmer and occasional tour leader who realized a lifelong dream when he saw the 2004 Tour de France in person. He edits the Quick Release, and has written on bike maintenance in previous newsletters. If you have a question about our bike fleet or our web site, Rich is a great person to ask:

Diane Vella

Diane Vella.jpg Diane Vella is the accountant, office manager and Human Resources manager at ExperiencePlus! Diane's family is from Italy and she has taken tours in Greece, Italy, Corsica, France and Spain. Diane can be reached at

Joeann Gutowski

Joeann Gutowski.jpgJoeann Gutowski is an accountant with ExperiencePlus! She and her husband Bob have tackled many trails while mountain biking and hiking in Colorado and Utah. When not crunching numbers at work she enjoys cycling, calligraphy, digging in the garden dirt, and reading. Also, her dog makes sure that she plays ball every day! You can email her at

Maria Elena Malpezzi-Price

Maria Elena Malpezzi-Price is Rick and Paola’s younger daughter. She finished the first phase of her studies in December 2004 when she graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder with a double major in Psychology and International Affairs. Although she may be one of the youngest employees and tour leaders, she has led tours in over 10 countries, including part of the Expedition tour that ended in Turkey in 2006. Currently she is back at the office in Colorado working as the Director of International Operations and at the same time applying to masters programs for next fall in international studies and business. This summer she'll go back to Europe to lead tours and hopes to see you there! You can email her at

Sarah Babbitt

Sarah Babbitt - reservation specialist at ExperiencePlus! Sarah Babbitt is our Reservations Specialist. When Sarah is not at her ExPlus! desk she can be found helping people feel better in her Massage Therapy practice, or carrying her paints out into the landscape (she has an MFA in painting). As a long-time member of the Larimer County Search and Rescue team she has seen many beautiful parts of Colorado by headlamp, but prefers seeing them in daylight so spends a lot of time exploring the mountains and trails of our fair state in her free time. She also loves her old Fuji S12S! Sarah can be reached by email at

Mark Andre

Mark racing in a Triathlon.jpg

Mark Andre is Project Manager for IT and Marketing at ExperiencePlus! Mark has biked in over 15 countries and loves all aspects of cycling, especially tinkering with vintage bikes. On a five-year circle-the-globe trip, he lived and worked in five lands, earning his way around the world. In addition to eclectic bicycles, he collects old audiophile analog gear and LPs, and tries to stay fit to race triathlons. Email Mark at

Julie Van Scoy

Julie_Vanscoy.JPGJulie joined the Fort Collins staff this spring. Originally from Iowa, she moved to Colorado to pursue an MA in English at Colorado State University. When she's not working on her thesis, she enjoys writing creative nonfiction, dancing, cooking, and spending time outside. Julie has lived in both China and Malta and traveled to many other parts of the world, but she still can’t wait for her next trip! She can be reached at