Bicycle Traveler's Bill of Rights

What we believe you deserve on every bicycle tour

  • Provide me with a quality bike.
  • Give me a scenic route to bicycle every day and let me ride at my own pace!
  • Give me variety every day! New sites to see, something new to learn, and new terrain to explore.
  • Mark the day’s bicycle ride with chalk dust arrows that will ensure I won’t get lost and allow me to feel safe on the road - don’t make me spend my entire bicycle vacation looking at maps and reading directions.
  • Feed me well. Let me sample a wide variety of local cuisine and wine, and educate me about regional specialties and how or why they came into being.
  • Let me bicycle from inn to inn, or do loop rides from my hotel. Don’t make me get in a vehicle my entire vacation, unless I decide I’d like to shuttle.
  • Give me my independence and let me explore things at my own pace; don’t make me feel tied to the group every second of the day. 
  • Let me travel with local tour leaders who know and love bikes and biking; someone who can help me learn more about their country and language; someone who knows the area including the best cafés, gelato stops, or swimming holes.
  • Let me stay in the center of town each evening so I can explore and enjoy a coffee or beer in the town square. Or, find me unique local spots like an agriturismo in Italy or an old farm estate in Spain that I’d not likely discover on my own. It doesn’t have to be fancy (I don’t need a chocolate on my pillow EVERY night. . .), but it does need to be clean and comfortable.
  • Give me something to write home about every single day!

We use this "bill of rights" to guide us as we design new trips and improve upon old ones.  After leading bicycle trips all over the world for over 40 years, we find these rights to still hold true and to be the recipe for an unforgettable vacation. 

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