Stefania Casadei 

Stefania is a Forlì native, although these days she lives (close by) in Bertinoro. She previously worked as a computer programmer and systems analyst, but left that all behind for more time on the bike. When she is not working for BikeRentalsPlus! or ExperiencePlus! (from April to October), she likes travelling in far flung places such as Nepal, India, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. She loves meeting people, encountering different cultures, and exploring countries at the speed of a bike.


  • With ExperiencePlus! since: 1999
  • Languages: Italian and English, along with some Spanish and super basic German
  • Favorite bike item: Front and rear lights
  • Favorite place to ride: Anywhere safe
  • Next dream vacation: I’d like to go Buthan and back to Argentina


“I’m still marveling at how organized and knowledgeable this young woman was, to say nothing of her constant cheerfulness and accommodating attitude.” 

“Stefania was an incredible tour leader. She was always there when we needed and could not have been more helpful and caring. Her vibrant personality made the trip so super.”

“We called Stefania the sweetie. She smiles more than anyone I know!”

“Stefania, native Italian, grounded and solid, gave us the confidence that she’d seen it all at one time or another on tour, so we didn’t need to be worried or afraid. She’s got a great giggle too!”

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