Silvija Vukušic 

Silvija was born and raised in Split, Croatia, where she studied economics. However, she quickly learned that a desk job was not for her. She began pursuing her passions, falling in love with rock climbing and spelunking. She started traveling throughout Croatia with friends and biking naturally became a part of her lifestyle, as it proved to be the best way to get around Croatia’s islands and stunning coast. Silvia worked her first bike tour at the age of 17 in Germany, and has since tried all kinds of jobs, but is always drawn back to guiding bicycle tours.

  • With ExperiencePlus! since: 2008
  • Languages: Croatian, English, and German and learning Italian
  • Favorite bike item: Shorts
  • Favorite place to ride: Croatia, Spain, Germany
  • Next dream vacation: I have never been and would like to go to Istanbul and Argentina. I would go over and over again to the Camino, in Spain.

“Since Silvija grew up in the area, I felt like we got an intimate glimpse into local life here.”

"Silvija was an excellent and strong tour leader." 

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