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Samanta Franzetti

Samanta was born and raised in Verbania, a city on the shore of Lake Maggiore, the second largest lake in Italy which may in her opinion rank first in beauty.  She has great enthusiasm and deep appreciation for her hometown and all its surroundings.

Samanta has travelled the world and was a flight attendant for over 13 years, an incredible experience which allowed her to visit places that she may not have been able to explore and see otherwise. It also gave her a true appreciation for multiculturalism and cultural diversity.

With a passion for travelling, meeting new people, trying new foods, and exploring other cultures Samanta says that she is never as happy or as comfortable as when she is living from a suitcase. Travelling has also made her appreciate her home country more, and she has discovered that there truly is no place like home! She decided the best way to combine her passions for her native region, meeting people from other countries, and sharing cultural exchange would be to become a tour leader for ExperiencePlus!.
Happy by nature,  Samanta is also extremely sociable,  dynamic  and enthusiastic, she loves sharing experiences with fellow travelers!

 “I hope to meet you soon in the Italian Lake District, in the wonderful country of the “Dolce Vita! Have a safe flight.”

Samanta Franzetti - ExperiencePlus! Tour Leader