Roberto Laghi 

Roberto grew up in Faenza, Italy, and current lives in Avignon, France. He earned a B.A. in Middle East Studies at the University of Bologna and a Master’s degree in Public and Political Communication at the University of Pisa. He worked ten years as an editor, journalist, and communication consultant before moing from Italy to France by bike with his girlfriend, documenting the trip on a blog and on Twitter, and catching the attention of the Italian mainstream media. Roberto’s interests include cooking and baking, writing, creating radio projects and working as a ticket office agent at Festival d'Avignon, probably the most important theatre festival in the world. Roberto leads tours in Italy and France.

  • With ExperiencePlus! since: 2014
  • Languages: My mothertongue is Italian and I speak French, English and
  • Spanish. I'm trying to study Persian.
  • Favorite bike item: Jersey, maybe
  • Favorite place to ride: Whenever I am on a road I've never been before, this is the best place to ride (but I love Provence and the hills of Romagna).
  • Next dream vacation: I'd love to travel all along the Mediterranean coast, from
  • Europe to North Africa, to Asia and back.

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