Robert Naser

Robert was born in 1975 in the south German city of Ulm on the Danube, which is known as the birthplace of Albert Einstein. His special relationship to nature began as a child with cycling trips to Lake Konstanz, hiking the mountains of the Allgäu or the Swabian Alps with his brother and parents. Southern Germany is a wonderful place for a lot of outside activities, but summer is short and winters are long, dark and cold. The climate of his home region Swabia aroused his strong wanderlust in summer and spring as well as his second passion for expressive red wines enjoyed on many cold winter evenings.

Today he's back in Ulm, Germany with his three boys (4, 5, 10) and new love. He has started to work again in the wine business at one of the biggest shops in the area with an assortment of 2000 different wines. While he misses the beaches of Portugal and daily kiteboard session, where he lived for a time, he is happy to be back in Germany with its opulent green of forests and meadows in the summer, clear rivers, and the unique combination of modern and ancient architecture. Robert welcomes you to join him on the next ExperiencePlus! trip in Germany!

"Robert was always cheerful and helpful; I loved that he continually had a smile on his face!"

"Robert's knowledge of wine was an added bonus!" 

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