Alexander Dumitru

Alexandru Dumitru was born in Bucharest, studied the economics of tourism and worked on a couple of guidebooks on Romania and Bulgaria before “settling” as a travel consultant with an incoming tour operator in Bucharest. His interest for the outdoors is great: at an early age, he started hiking in the Carpathians with his father and continued with both summer and winter hikes in Romania and abroad, from the Prokletije in Montenegro or the Triglav in Slovenia, to Djebel Toubkal in Morocco or the Demavend in Iran. He has cycled extensively through Romania and Serbia, finding his greatest interest in mountain biking muddy and rocky trails. Alex claims to have the bad habit of leaving the office on Friday evenings, getting on a night train with or without the bike, hiking or cycling in the opposite part of Romania, just to return straight to work on Monday morning. When on tour with Alex in Romania, ask him where his recent travels have taken him….Afghanistan, Pakistan….

“Alex was an incredible leader. He answered so many questions about Romania and was there for everyone when we came in at the end of the day. Super organizer.”

“He was awesome!  His help with making arrangements and getting back to Bucharest as well as providing suggestions for sightseeing was a real asset.  He has every quality you could want in a tour guide.”

"Alex stood out for his knowledge of history and culture, great arrow work and willingness to do whatever it took to make things work for each of us." 

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