5 happy cyclists on a guided tour in Slovenia

Why Ride With Experience Plus?

5 Reasons To Book Your Bike Tour With Us!

When it comes to choosing an international bike touring company, we believe that proven experience, in-depth cultural knowledge, and the reputation of the company you tour with are integral to the quality of the experience you will have on tour.  When you are traveling halfway across the world to pedal unknown roads, into unfamiliar places, you want to be sure you are touring with a company whose expertise and character you can trust, and a dependable team of highly-experienced, knowledgeable guides you can rely on. While we could think of a hundred other reasons to ride with us, we’ve boiled it down to these Top 5 reasons why you should consider booking your next guided bike tour with ExperiencePlus!

Because Experience Matters 

While we continue to garner accolades for our award-winning guided bike tours, we believe it’s our company’s knowledge and reputation - combined with our family’s vision and passion for bike travel that make us unique. Founded in 1972 by Rick and Paola Malpezzi Price, and currently owned and operated by their daughters Maria Elena and Monica, ExperiencePlus! was the first US-based bicycle tour operator in Italy and is now one of the oldest and most well-respected bike touring companies in the world.

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Exceptional Routes

Our exceptional routes are thoughtfully and carefully designed by our local tour leaders who intimately know the quirks and charms of the area. Our tour leaders and staff are always on the lookout for new vistas or tucked away treasures. Our chalk dust navigational arrows allow you to ride at your own pace, stop and smell the roses (or the Cafe con Leche) and not worry about getting lost or keeping up with the rest of the group.

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Extraordinary Tour Leaders

When your tour leaders are hired and trained by two of National Geographic Traveler's Top Ten Guides In The World, you can be assured they must be exceptional people.  They also have a seemingly unlimited supply of energy, talent, resourcefulness combined with knowledge of local history and geography.

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Distinctive Lodging and Dining

Imagine waking up in a cozy hotel right in the heart of a small town in Tuscany, Provence, or Patagonia. Wherever you tour with us, you can be assured every inn, hotel and restaurant you experience has been carefully chosen to reflect the singular character of your host country. 

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Top Notch Bike, Equipment And Support

A good bike, and bike fit, can make or break a bicycle tour. We understand this and that is why we take great pride in providing high-quality bikes, specifically fitted to each cyclist's unique build. Our full-time mechanics tune-up every bike after every tour and we strive to keep up with the ever changing technologies to make sure you have a comfortable ride no matter where you are cycling. 

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