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Our Titanium Road Bikes

How does a custom made aerospace grade titanium frame with a combination of Shimano Ultegra and 105 components, a carbon fork, and titanium rails on the saddle sound?

Made by Van Nicholas, a Dutch company specializing in custom made titanium bikes, these bikes are built for cycle touring, not racing. This means that the longer head tube and fork column, and the slightly shallower head tube angle, will have you sitting pretty for a full day in the saddle. We have selected a gear ratio that can handle a fast paced high mileage ride, or if there are plenty of hills between you and your next gelato there is still a good old granny gear you can count on.

Why Titanium? This strong, light weight material, the 56 cm bike/frame weighs in at just over 18 pounds, offers unsurpassed ride quality resulting from the fine balance of stiffness, weight, strength, vibration damping and durability. They’ll also come with adjustable stems so we can fine-tune the fit to you and 700 x 25cm tires for better riding comfort.

We’ve tested 20 of these bikes for the past year and customers were thrilled with their ride whether they were trying to set personal best chasing Lance Armstrong on Mont Ventoux or cruising the flats. We invite you to join us on one of our bicycling tours in Europe and enjoy the benefits of riding the best road touring bike in the bicycle touring business.

Check out this YouTube video to learn more about Van Nicholas, or if you are really into gear and want to learn more about the wondrous qualities of Van Nicholas titanium. You can also get all the details on geometry and tubing size at our titanium bike specifications page

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