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Another day of discovery!

Every day on tour with ExperiencePlus! is full of possibilities. Imagine waking up in a cozy hotel right in the heart of a small town in Tuscany, Provence, or Chile.  Through the open window, you can hear the voices of shopkeepers greeting one another as they open for business.  Birds sing in the trees along the street.  Children walk by on their way to school.  It’s a new day and another opportunity to discover firsthand what everyday life is like in a fascinating region of the world.

Follow the arrows

And enjoy the Ride! There is no pressure to stick with the group thanks to our great navigational arrows.  Don't worry about whether you can keep up or whether you have to ride behind someone.
Throughout your ride, keep an eye out for our signature chalk arrows on the road.  They mark every turn – and they make navigation simple, even on the smallest back-country lanes.

Your ‘daysheet’ lists lunch stops along your route today.  Restaurants, small cafés, and markets where you can pick up picnic supplies.  Wonderful bakeries where you can stop for delicious croissants or pastries.  We’ll suggest (and mark with extra-large chalk arrows!) our favorite ice cream and café con leche stops along the way.  There may also be a Romanesque church or a Greek ruin to visit.  Just follow the arrows.

People you’ll Meet:

Fascinating travel companions.

Our customers tell us that one of the highlights when traveling with us is meeting the other people who choose to tour with ExperiencePlus!  We attract inquisitive, adventurous, fun-loving people who appreciate fabulous food, comfortable lodging and great bike rides. 

Grandmothers and grandfathers, mom and dads, kids and cousins, couples and solo riders of all ages…  There’s enough adventure and exhilaration on our trips to delight anyone!

You can read about our bicycle tour customers each month in our e-mail newsletter, The Rambler.

Remarkable Locals

Stop anywhere and say, Hello!

When we ask our customers to recall their favorite moments on tour, many describe a conversation with a local farmer or shopkeeper.   Even if you don’t have the language, it’s easy.  Our tour leaders will usually be there to facilitate and interpret, and if not – you’ll be amazed at how much you can communicate with your hands.

Sometimes all it takes is the courage to wonder into a peach orchard with a smile on your face and your camera held high.  You’ll come away with photos – and peaches – if you’re lucky.

Your Tour Leaders

Friends, coaches, story-tellers, and so much more . . .

Depending on the size of your group, two or three tour leaders will accompany you on tour.  Our tour leaders are great storytellers and love to share their knowledge.

Ask them why in Italy you don't drink cappuccino after 10 'clock in the morning. Or, what is the difference between a cloud forest and a rain forest? Their main purpose on tour is to make sure everything runs smoothly, to share their knowledge of the destination and to make sure you get the most out of your vacation.

Our Hotels

Enjoy the town, take a walk, sit by the pool . . .

When you arrive at the next hotel, one of our tour leaders will generally be on hand to greet you and tell you where you can find your luggage and your room.  If a tour leader is away from the hotel lobby taking care of other business, the hotel staff will be available to help.

You’ll also always find a “welcome” note waiting for you at the hotel desk.  It reminds you what time dinner is and if the group will be dining together.  If it's not a night for a group meal, we’ll suggest several local spots for you to try on your own. 

In the note we’ll also provide some suggestions on what to see in town, whether it is the beautiful cathedral at the center square or the small artisan shops that sell woolen caps, leather purses, and silver jewelry.

Grab a shower.  Take a walk.  Find a sidewalk café.  Write those postcards that have been calling you. 

Relax.  You’re on vacation! 


Today's (flexible) schedule may look something like this...
 7am  - 8am  Wake up - head to breakfast
8:45 - 9:30
Arrows are down, plan to leave after breakfast and having packed, Tour Leaders are out prepping bikes and loading the van
10:45ish Stop for that cappuccino see an ExperiencePlus! hat over the bar, others have had this idea before!
12:45ish Arrows take you through a plaza where you see others from the group sitting at a cafe for lunch
2:30 - 4 pm Arrive at the next hotel, check in, have a beer, (not necessarily in that order!)
5:30 pm Group meeting to chat about tomorrow or go for a guided walk around town
7:30 pm Meet for a group dinner and walk to a local restaurant
9:30 pm  Walk around the piazza - think about heading to bed...
  Sleep - Repeat
(maybe tomorrow two gelatos...?)

The view outside the hotel window in Tuscany

Narrow medieval alley's are all over Europe

Stop and grab your picnic supplies