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Experience Plus - Bicycle Tours since 1972
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We take you behind the routine to experience the authentic

On an ExperiencePlus! cycling tour you can expect to go “backstage”, behind the postcard scenes and typical tourist stops. We prefer to bicycle on the quiet streets that most tourists don’t see.  We explore small villages, places that are just tiny dots on most maps.

It’s a real cultural bicycling adventure!

We introduce you to people who are both ordinary and marvelous: the shopkeepers and farmers, the artisan makers of Parmesan and balsamic vinegar, and your fellow travelers! As cyclist after cyclist has told us “we were engaged throughout the tour - both physically and intellectually”. ExperiencePlus! operates globally but delivers locally.

Your Tour Experience

“Your tour changed my life!”

Amazingly, we hear this often. Many people come to ExperiencePlus! looking for a pleasant European bike trip vacation, but experience something on tour that is far richer and longer-lasting than just a holiday. By the time they return for another bicycling adventure with us, we hear that their first ExperiencePlus! tour changed their lives. It gave them a new outlook on travel and exploration, opened their eyes to new possibilities, revealed new insights into the lives of their fellows in faraway countries, and many times, jump-started their cycling and even athletic careers.

The difference is designed into every tour

You don’t need a Ph.D. to design tours but if you have one, it sure makes a big difference. Our European bike trips—and many of the bike trips in South America —were initially designed by our father, Rick Price, the founder of our company with the help of our local experts.

Rick earned his Ph.D. in cultural geography, and he has devoted most of his life to travel in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. He’s been our chief tour designer for more than 35 years.

In our opinion, a bicycle tour is more than just lines on a road map.  Because bicycling is our favorite way to explore the world, we design our tours to complement that special feeling of traveling by bicycle.  Finding small roads and unusual routes.  We lead you past meadows, farms and through small villages. We send you to intimate, authentic hotels right in town. Our tours ensure you travel at a leisurely pace (your pace!) - seeing a country that visitors seldom access.

Bike tours for cyclists of all levels

Even if you’ve never considered a bike tour before, you don’t have to limit yourself to our Level 101 tours.  Many who travel with us on Level 101, 201, and 301 trips have never taken a bicycle tour!  Meanwhile, others riding on our Level 201, 301, and 401 tours travel with us regularly.  It all depends on the shape you’re in, the level of challenge you’ll enjoy, and the kind of travel experience you’re looking for.

Your fellow travelers can easily become your good friends

ExperiencePlus! attracts inquisitive, adventurous, fun-loving people who appreciate fabulous food, comfortable lodging and great bike rides. So it’s no wonder that our customers tell us that one of the highlights when traveling with us is meeting fellow bicyclists.

Grandmothers and grandfathers, mom and dads, kids and cousins, couples and solo riders of all ages…there’s enough of a mix on all our tours to ensure a great time – and a terrific exposure to multiple generations.

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