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Experience Plus - Bicycle Tours since 1972
Crossing a valley towards the next climb. Pyrenees, Northern Spain.

More Than Just Bike Tours

ExperiencePlus! may have started out as a bike touring company but we’re not mono-maniacal. This company is made up of outdoors enthusiasts – real nature freaks. Bike tour leaders like to hike and occasionally go rafting, sea kayaking or zip-lining from tree to tree through the rain forest canopy. This multi-faceted approach springs from our undeniable enthusiasm for adventure.

It takes ExperiencePlus! to explore uncommon places that offer some of the most spectacular adventures on this planet. So whether you like to travel with an enjoyable blend of exertion and comfort- or you are looking to get closer to the edge, browse the tours to the right. You’re sure to find something that’s a match for your tastes.

Bicycle Tours

Once you've tried a bicycle tour, you'll know why it's the best way to experience a country and its culture. Even if you've enjoyed visiting the country before, when you cycle it with ExperiencePlus!, it will become 'yours'. Etched in your memory mile by mile, your visit will be rich, multi-dimensional and deeply authentic.

Specialty Tours

These tours can take you and your family beyond commercial guidebooks. They are a terrific way to begin or finish up your biking, hiking, or cruise tours.