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Sometimes you just don't have the time or desire to fly to a far-flung destination for your vacation, but the good news is there is no place on earth that offers as many opportunities for outdoor activities as right here in the good old USA. Whether it's hiking beneath towering mountains in Denali National Park and feasting on fresh salmon in Alaska or cycling through the colorful and magical deserts of the Southwest, we have unique itineraries throughout the country designed to help you get the most from your vacation.

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All of our US tours offer remarkable opportunities to witness the country's stunning natural beauty and delicious regional cuisine by bike or on foot. Browse our website, or give us a call now to find the tour that's right for you.


Bicycle Tours in USA

A Taste of Vermont (TourzPlus!) Thumbnail ImageA Taste of Vermont (TourzPlus!)
Meandering country roads, rolling hills, quaint villages and amazing beer.

Bicycling Acadia & the Maine Coast (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageBicycling Acadia & the Maine Coast (TourzPlus™)
Bike along the most gorgeous routes Maine has to offer in Acadia, our nation's smallest National Park.

Bicycling Arizona's Sonoran Desert (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageBicycling Arizona's Sonoran Desert (TourzPlus™)
This vacation in the Sonoran Desert near Tucson is set against a backdrop of incredible scenery.

Bicycling California's Sonoma Wine Coast (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageBicycling California's Sonoma Wine Coast (TourzPlus™)
Fabulous bicycling trip through Sonoma County, California.

Bicycling Oregon's Columbia River Gorge (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageBicycling Oregon's Columbia River Gorge (TourzPlus™)
Narrow winding roads, towering waterfalls and stunning vistas are just a few of the highlights on this bicycle trip.

Bicycling Texas' Hill Country (TourzPlus!) Thumbnail ImageBicycling Texas' Hill Country (TourzPlus!)
We'll let you in on a bit of a secret - the Texas Hill Country is one of the best places in the country for bicycling.

Bicycling the Outer Banks of North Carolina (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageBicycling the Outer Banks of North Carolina (TourzPlus™)
Savor the charm of southern hospitality as you cycle through seaside villages and along sandy beaches.

Bicycling Vermont to Quebec City (TourzPlus!) Thumbnail ImageBicycling Vermont to Quebec City (TourzPlus!)
Bicycle from Vermont to Québec and spend 3 nights in this dynamic French speaking city.

Cycling Ottawa to Montreal (TourzPlus!) Thumbnail ImageCycling Ottawa to Montreal (TourzPlus!)
Wonderful accommodations combine with two of Canada's most cycling friendly cities.

Cycling the Best of Cape Cod (TourzPlus!) Thumbnail ImageCycling the Best of Cape Cod (TourzPlus!)
Gray shingled cottages framed by white picket fences and pink roses line your routes.

Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket Bike Tour (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageMartha's Vineyard & Nantucket Bike Tour (TourzPlus™)
Picturesque and historic islands creates the perfect backdrop for your bike tour of this classic New England setting.

Pedal the Coast of Maine (TourzPlus-SF) Thumbnail ImagePedal the Coast of Maine (TourzPlus-SF)
Gear-up for great cycling through scenic coastal Maine.

Vermont & New York's Lake Champlain Bicycling Tour (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageVermont & New York's Lake Champlain Bicycling Tour (TourzPlus™)
This is a true inn-to-inn bike tour.