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Coasting down the Coast of New Zealand

New Zealand

Cycling in New Zealand is an absolute must for everyone who enjoys riding a bike, as quiet roads lead you through ever - changing landscapes. Start the morning spinning along a spectacular coastline while keeping an eye out for seals and whales. Next, stop for your first hokey pokey (that's ice cream to you, mate!) of the day before you head inland, and in just a few kilometers you'll find yourself pedaling through a refreshingly cool rainforest of towering trees and gigantic ferns. Before this magical day's ride is through you'll be surrounded by snow-capped peaks and alpine views. Combine this picturesque setting with warm Kiwi hospitality, rich Maori history and gourmet European-style cuisine and you have all the ingredients for the bicycling vacation you've always dreamed about.

We offer bicycle tours on the South Island and the North Island. Both islands offer their own unique pedaling experience. On the South Island you'll discover spectacular alpine scenery, glaciers, fiords and deserted beaches. On the North Island pedal the beautiful quiet back roads, and enjoy the differing landscapes from the volcanic plateaus to the coastal bicycling on the Coromandel Peninsula. Either way, you can't go wrong while traveling through this cycling mecca.


Bicycle Tours in New Zealand

North Island Coromandel Peninsula  (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageNorth Island Coromandel Peninsula (TourzPlus™)
Explore one of New Zealand's most diverse and breathtaking locations.

North Island Grand Tour Beaches and Volcanoes (TourzPlus™)
The Coromandel Peninsula is a cycling gem lying east of Auckland in one of New Zealand's most diverse and breathtaking locations.

North Island Volcanoes and Glow-worms (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageNorth Island Volcanoes and Glow-worms (TourzPlus™)
Explore farmlands, lakes, forests, and volcanoes on New Zealand's North Island

South Island Grand Tour (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageSouth Island Grand Tour (TourzPlus™)
Wonderful biking with a superb range of magnificent scenery that includes four National Parks.

South Island Nelson Lakes Tour (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageSouth Island Nelson Lakes Tour (TourzPlus™)
Bicycle New Zealand's wild west coast before heading across the country to one of our favorite cities anywhere, Christchurch.

South Island Southern Alps 10 Day Inn Trip (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageSouth Island Southern Alps 10 Day Inn Trip (TourzPlus™)
Glaciers to Rainforests in the land of "The Lord of the Rings"

South Island Southern Scenic Tour (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageSouth Island Southern Scenic Tour (TourzPlus™)
Bicycle the southern tip of New Zealand's South Island

South Island West Coast Tour (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageSouth Island West Coast Tour (TourzPlus™)
Bicycle the wild west coast of New Zealand's South Island.

Southern Alps - 15 days  (TourzPlus™) Thumbnail ImageSouthern Alps - 15 days (TourzPlus™)
This is one of our most popular bicycling New Zealand trips.