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If you’re thinking of joining us for a bicycling tour, we’ve got three easy steps to get you started.

1. Browse or search for a tour

Use the Super-Fast Trip Finder

Our Trip Finder is the fastest tool around for finding a vacation that fits your interest and your riding style. Look for it on the left-hand side of this screen.
  • Where would you like to travel? 
  • When do you have room in your schedule? 
  • How long would you like to be on tour? 
  • What activities are you looking for?
With a few clicks, you’ll go straight to a list of tours that are a good fit.  Another click will take you to a day-by-day itinerary and all the details you’ll need – including daily tour highlights and mileages.

Or, use Browse Our Trips…

Not so sure about the Where, When and How of your cycling trip?  Then you’ll want to browse through our tours at a more leisurely pace.  Click on Browse Our Trips on the menu bar above, and we’ll give you five fast ways to surf the tours we offer.

Read about touring the rolling hills of Tuscany… the castles of the Loire valley… and the wine country in Chile.

2. Call or e-mail us! Check availability, learn more…

Questions? Just pick up the phone and call us anytime, toll free (800-685-4565).  Most of us here in the office have ridden on lots of tours, and we’d love to help you sort it out. Or email us at tours@experienceplus.com


When’s the best time of year to ride in Italy?
I’ve never done a bike tour. Can I do it?
Will I be the only solo traveler?
Will there be other kids on this trip near the age of mine?
I have some biking equipment.  What should I bring?
How do I go about  extending my stay in Venice for a few days?

Most folks have lots of questions. We have the answers!

3. Book online, or to talk to a human, call us!

Once we receive your reservation and deposit, we’ll send you lots of useful information so you can start planning!

You’ll receive detailed instructions for getting to the tour start; a packing list that tells you what to bring and what to leave home; a reading and movie list filled with fiction and non-fiction titles; country and hotel suggestions to make planning extra days and nights a breeze; and travel insurance information, because you just never know what might happen.  We’ll even give you a free training program designed specifically for our tours by Joe Friel, a nationally known cycling coach and author… and that’s just for starters. 

Let the fun begin!

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