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Some folks actually think planning a vacation is more fun than taking one!  The lead-up lets you linger over the itineraries; imagine yourself there; feel the anticipation build – well before you get on the airplane to actually depart. If you’ve never been on a cycling tour before, you may appreciate a little help to get started.  We have lots of tools to make it easy.

Here are some ideas for getting mentally set to go and savoring your upcoming journey

Read books or research the web about the country you’ll be visiting 

We have suggested reading lists for each country we will send you so look for those.  You’ll learn more about your destination and get more of a taste of what to expect.  If you want a head start, one great place to look is in our  Reading Room Blog. There you will find articles, stories and tips for preparing for your bicycle tour. It is a mini bicycle touring vacation guide for you to peruse and enjoy as you anticipate your trip.

Make a preliminary packing list (see our packing list suggestions)

Find a lightweight camera - or other ways to document your trip, like those delightful moleskin notebooks that come in a variety of sizes.

Consider purchasing a Flip Camera – a small video camera that’s totally totable and ever ready.

Will you blog while you are away? Think about a theme that’s going to be richly compelling.

Learn the language a bit

Any words at your command will make you feel a part of the place you’re going.

Take Time for a Little Planning - the Rewards are Big

A little forethought can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your tour. Having what you need when you need it saves the time and frustration of looking for it while you are on the move. We’ll send you detailed instructions on how to get to and from the trip. Dream about what you’ll do before and after.  And remember: bike trip planning can be fun!

Need some help, we'll point you in the right direction!

Check out our Reading Room Blog for tips

Think about what to bring along on your bike tour