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A descent in the Andes.

Upcoming Expeditions

Choose the horizon you’d like to explore!  Our upcoming expeditions will lead you through spectacular landscapes and introduce you to some of the world's most fascinating cultures.

2014 Alps to Adriatic ExpeditionPlus! - Trek the Alps' Adige River Bikeway from Innsbruck, Austria through Trento, Italy and on to fair Verona, made famous by scores of artists, writers and musicians, and now recognized as a citywide UNESCO World Heritage Site. From here we'll cycle to cosmopolitan Vicenza and picturesque Venice before resuming our southward journey, which now takes us along the entire length of Italy's Adriatic coast to the very tip of the boot's heel: Santa Maria di Leuca. En route, we'll explore the hills and beaches of the Marches and Abruzzi, and pedal Italy's limestone "spur"—the presqu'île of the Gargano—before traversing the Puglia plateau through trulli country to Lecce, queen of Italy's baroque cities.

January 2015 South America: Patagonia Coast to Coast - Chile to Argentina - Are you ready to pedal Coast to Coast across South America? Join us on this expedition from Chiloé, Chile on the Pacific Coast, over the Andes, down the Chubut River valley through Playa Union, Argentina, to the Atlantic Coast. There are plenty of surprises along the way: starting with the unique culture of the Chilote people who are of Spanish and indigenous Mapuche descent; the Welsh settlement and tea houses at Gaiman; and Ruta 40, the main road of Argentine Patagonia but one of the least traveled roads in the country. We'll enjoy oceans, rain forest, mountains, deserts, river valleys and just about every other type of terrain you can imagine on this 700+ mile, 17-day expedition.

September 2015 Venice to Kalamata -
Join us to bicycle from Venice around the great arc of the Adriatic Sea and south along the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia.  You'll pedal the Dalmatian Islands, along the coasts of Bosnia and Montenegro and into the interior of Albania.  Venice dominated this coast and many of the Greek Islands from the 13th century until 1798.   The area between the Adriatic and the interior of the Balkans was a border region for the Venetians.  The interior was dominated by the Ottoman empire, Venice controlled sea commerce while remnants of Byzantium controlled parts of northern Greece and the Peloponnesian Peninsula.  The ride will take you through Albania, a corner of Macedonia and some of the most remote regions of Greece.   Ending in Kalamata, Greece once a remote outpost of Byzantium.  This four-week ride will take you through some of the most remote and fascinating parts of Europe.

Email us if you are interested in our ExpeditionPlus! offerings and we'll keep you posted to the latest developments!