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Why not a Custom or Private Tour?

by ExperiencePlus! - Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why not a Custom or Private Tour?

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We annually design and operate dozens of private or customized tours for people. For example, St. James Parish, in Denver, was looking for a way to celebrate its centennial in 2004. So St. James Parish collaborated with ExperiencePlus to organize a walking and bicycling pilgrimmage along the Camino de Santiago next June. In Boulder, Colorado there’s a group of guys who started riding together over twenty-five years ago. They do short, but intense, six-day rides. We took them to the Dolomites in Italy two years ago and this year they are coming back to pedal the Apennine Mountains above Parma. They come for the pedaling and the pasta!

We could go on and on about family groups, the macha women’s group from Minneapolis that went mountain biking in Costa Rica and the several different groups that just love bicycling, eating and traveling with friends.

So whatever your group’s interest, give us a call and we’ll brainstorm. We can schedule one of our regular trips to fit your calendar or we can design a new trip to fit your needs. We have one group now taking shape that combines a our Green Heart of Italy Umbria Tour  with a week in Italy’s Dolomites. Another group liked the Slowjourn™ concept but wanted some extra "food events" including cooking demonstrations and wine tastings, so we’ve scheduled a custom tour for them next October.

If you book a custom tour with us, we can even create your personal tour web page for you. Check out the web site we created for the St. James Parish (Denver) Bus and Walking Tours to Spain.

We have some time constraints on when we can run these tours so you need to be a little flexible when we start, but usually we can pin down dates to within a few days of your required dates. Late June and September and early October can be difficult because of the demands on hotels and our staff. But call today to begin the planning! We’re delighted to help!

To submit an initial inquiry for a custom tour visit  our Custom Tour page.

Rick Price