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by ExperiencePlus! - Monday, September 30, 2013 ExperiencePlus! travelers in Lake Bled, Slovenia

Stretching in CataloniaExperiencePlus! has FREE Bicycle Training Programs and we’ve recently revamped the design to make it easier for you to find and follow the program that matches your age, fitness level, and the tour level. There are also tips to improve your bike handling skills, and if going on a bicycle vacation isn’t enough motivation there is also an article touting the health benefits of bicycling.

The programs were designed specifically for ExperiencePlus! cycling tours by Joe Friel, the author of ten books on training including the popular and best-selling “Training Bible” book series. He holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, is a USA Triathlon and USA Cycling certified Elite-level coach so imminently qualified to prepare you for your next bicycling adventure with ExperiencePlus!

Select the Level of Tour and your age – you are preparing for and find your Bicycle Training Packet!

Want to stay fit this winter? Check out our bicycle training programs and join us in South America!

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