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Bicycling the South of France with ExperiencePlus!


2015 Tours With a New Twist

Winter is a time to review and plan here at ExperiencePlus!  We thoroughly exam all of our cycling itineraries in Europe and look for ways to make great trips even...Read More »

Sring in Sardinia with ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours.

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Why Spring?

Each year staff in the US office review the ExperiencePlus! tour schedule and select our top choices for tours that we’d like to do. More often than not I find...Read More »

Bicycling in Austria and Slovenia with ExperiencePlus!

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Enjoying the Lakes of Austria and Slovenia

Eastern Austria is less frequented by Americans than, say, Vienna or Salzburg. But while it cannot rival the historic and cultural significance of those three-star attractions, it can certainly hold...Read More »

2014 PORTUGAL  me


New Paths to Pedal in 2015

ExperiencePlus! is pleased to introduce you to three new cycling destinations for 2015. France: Cycling Brittany and Normandy  Just across the channel from southern England, France’s Brittany and Normandy regions...Read More »

Philipp in Andalucia tasting sherry.

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Meet Your Tour Leaders: Philipp Alexander Schmitt

We’d like to introduce you to Philipp Alexander Schmitt, our in-house Camino de Santiago historian and specialist (he’s written a pilgrim’s diary and will read from it on tour for...Read More »

Scrubba Wash Bag


Scrubba: A Pocket-Sized Washing Machine

My methods for doing laundry on bike trips have always left me wondering about my cleanliness. It is one reason I am a fan of Dr Bronner’s peppermint soap because...Read More »

2014 ExperiencePlus! SATT Winner and her class


2014 Send A Teacher Traveling Award Winner

ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours is very pleased to introduce you to the 2014 Send A Teacher Traveling Award Winner –  Jacqueline Malanga! What were your first thoughts when you received Maria...Read More »

Cristina Taioli - ExperiencePlus! tour leader

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Cristina Taioli Survives the Polar Vortex

ExperiencePlus! tour leader Cristina Taioli spent over a month touring the U.S. visiting our travelers, spreading the word about bicycle touring and doing her best to survive one of the...Read More »

Riding in Slovenia's Julian Alps

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Austria and Slovenia: Captivating and Gorgeous

I’ve always been fascinated with Slovenia—a tiny country that is at the crossroads between Western Europe and Eastern Europe, a small country similar in size to New Jersey, but filled...Read More »

ExperiencePlus! tour leader Enrico Dal Monte stops to join a card game in Sicily.

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Get to Know Your Tour Leaders: Enrico Dal Monte

Enrico was born in Italy and has been leading tours for ExperiencePlus! in Belgium, Spain, France, and Italy since 2010, and has very quickly become one of our most popular...Read More »

La Rotonda di San Lorenzo

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The Secrets of Mantua by Enrico Dal Monte

There are many splendid and evocative places in Italy as authors from all over the world have described throughout the centuries.  There is one pearl in the middle of northern...Read More »

ExperiencePlus! on Facebook

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2013’s Greatest Hits on the ExperiencePlus! Facebook...

With the beginning of the New Year we thought we’d highlight some of 2013’s most popular features on the joys of travel and bicycling from the ExperiencePlus! facebook page. We...Read More »

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Rambler E-Newsletters

December 2013 Rambler Newsletter

Welcome to the December 2013 ExperiencePlus! Rambler In This Issue… A Note from Monica and Maria Elena 6 Things We Are Excited About In December What’s in My Rear Rack...Read More »


6 Things We Are Excited About in December

Number 1: Winter Bike to Work Day is Wednesday, December 11th from 7:00 to 9:30AM and ExperiencePlus! staff in will once again be co-hosting a breakfast station at the Ft...Read More »

Experience Plus Newsletter Header

Rambler E-Newsletters

November 2013 Rambler Newsletter

Welcome to the November 2013 ExperiencePlus! Rambler In This Issue… A Note from Monica and Maria Elena 7 Things We Are Excited About In November Meet Your Tour Leaders: Silvija...Read More »

Dervla Murhpy in Barcelona (Courtesy of Dervla Murhpy)


Dervla Murphy, Touring Bicyclist and Traveler Extraordinaire

As you anticipate your bicycle travel adventure you would do well to prepare by reading some of Dervla Murphy’s bicycle narratives.  I can’t think of a better way to “gear...Read More »


2014 Destinations Update

Departure Dates You’ve Been Waiting For: France: Bicycling Paris to Lyon or the extended version that continues to Marseille. We’ve had an extraordinary response to this tour that follows in...Read More »

ExperiencePlus! tour leader Silvia Cafora

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Meet Your Tour Leaders – Silvia Cafora

Why did you decide to become a tour leader? I can combine my passion for bike travel with my knowledge of Italian and French culture and architecture.  I’m also a...Read More »

ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours Rambler Newsletter

Rambler E-Newsletters

July 2013 ExperiencePlus! Rambler

Visit our Site | E-Mail | Brochure | Find a Tour | Book a Tour Welcome to the July 2013 ExperiencePlus! Rambler A Note from Monica and Maria Elena Patagonia:...Read More »

Cristina in Sonoma's Wine Country

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Meet Your Tour Leaders: Cristina Taioli Tours the US

I think I have one of the nicest jobs…biking in Italy and Europe! For the past two winters I’ve been fortunate to spend a month in the States visiting with...Read More »

Lisa Merichi

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Meet Your Tour Leaders: Lisa Merighi

Though 2013 will mark only her third season with ExperiencePlus! Lisa Merighi has quickly become one of our traveler’s favorite tour leaders. We thought it high time we all had...Read More »

Cycling in Ireland with ExperiencePlus!

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ExperiencePlus! Traveler Services

ExperiencePlus! offers help with travel logistics ! We are here to help you coordinate your transportation to and from the tour, as well as reserving extra night’s stay at your...Read More »


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If Wishes Were Horses

Cycling on the island of Corsica has been on my wish list for nearly a decade so when I learned that I would be traveling there in September to join...Read More »


Travel Stories

A Healing Journey

By ExperiencePlus! Traveler Sally LaVenture Our dream had been to ride bikes through the Italian countryside on my 60th birthday. But life got in the way, or really I should...Read More »