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An ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tour customer atop Mt Ventoux

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Why I Bike: Episode 7

Dave Forester (ExperiencePlus! Customer): Given my poor golf scores, it is a better use of my time to spend a few hours biking the local byways than searching for small...Read More »



From Zeppelins to Bone Shakers Euro Bike 2010

I think the tides of change are a coming for cyclists everywhere. And change is good, especially if it gets you on a bike!  Surprisingly to those who ride regularly,...Read More »



From Mamma Paola’s Kitchen: Cold Borscht Soup

When Rick and I were in Poland about to begin our Krakow to Budapest bike tour in 2009 I tasted a delicious borscht soup. This recipe reminds me of that...Read More »