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ExpeditionPlus! 2016 News

Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination 2016 Brings An Epic Season Of Cycling Journeys With ExpeditionPlus! “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do...Read More »

Photo Courtesy of Rolf Damz

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Tour Leader Rick Lankford: Behind the Scenes of an...

Ready to challenge yourself with a continental scale cycling expedition? We checked in with Tour Leader extraordinaire, Rick Lankford to ask him what it’s been like to lead our 30...Read More »

2016 ExpeditionPlus! cycling tours with ExperiencePlus!


2016 ExpeditionPlus! Tour Update

ExpeditionPlus! — Exploration on a continental scale Unlike our “normal” bike tours, our Expeditions are all about covering expansive territory.  They’re about the challenge of pedaling across continents.  They include...Read More »

Riders and tour leaders celebrate the end of the Coast to Coast ride across S. America


2016 ExpeditionPlus! Tours – Coming Soon

ExpeditionPlus! Tours – Bicycle exploration on a continental scale. Unlike a “normal” ExperiencePlus! tour, our Expeditions are all about covering expansive territory.  They’re about the challenge of pedaling across continents. ...Read More »

2014 PORTUGAL  me


New Paths to Pedal in 2015

ExperiencePlus! is pleased to introduce you to three new cycling destinations for 2015. France: Cycling Brittany and Normandy  Just across the channel from southern England, France’s Brittany and Normandy regions...Read More »

Rafting on the Futaleufu

Destinations > Argentina, Destinations > Chile

ExpeditionPlus! South America

The ExpeditionPlus! concept originated back in 2006 when ExperiencePlus! co-founder Rick Price dreamed of offering continental scale tours for strong and experienced riders. The rules for expeditions needed to be...Read More »

The ExpeditionPlus! Italia 150 crew


2014 New Bicycle Tour Itineraries Preview

Cycling Poland to Slovakia Plus! Hungary – IT’S BACK! Harold and Carolyn Martin have done over 20 ExperiencePlus! tours and this is what they had to say about their experience...Read More »


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2013 Expeditions with ExperiencePlus!

ExpeditionPlus! trips feature exploration on a continental scale and are designed for experienced cyclists looking for a challenging adventure. ExperiencePlus! is offering two of our popular ExpeditionPlus! trips in 2013....Read More »


Destinations > Ireland, Destinations > Poland Slovakia Hungary, Destinations > Spain

Ready to Ride in 2013?

The ExperiencePlus! 2013 European Cycling Calendar has plenty of options. 2013 is going to be stellar for cycling in Europe as ExperiencePlus! has all of our classic itineraries and some...Read More »



New Cycling Tours in Europe Coming in 2013

ExperiencePlus! is very pleased to announce four exciting  bicycling opportunities for 2013. Sunny Catalonia Spain: Join us in northern Spain as we pedal through Catalonia and the Costa Brava.  Our...Read More »


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Training for an ExpeditionPlus! Tour

By ExpeditionPlus! veteran, Mary Gantz Mary Gantz doesn’t let living in pancake-flat Florida inhibit her cycling success. She road Coast to Coast across Chile and Argentina in 2006; from St...Read More »


Destinations > Italy

The Geography of Uniting Italy: 1860 through 1871

As we prepare to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Italy’s unification by bicycling from Marsala, Sicily to Turin in Italy’s Piedmont, the actual 15oth anniversary came and went on March...Read More »


About ExperiencePlus!

Birth of an ExpeditionPlus! Bicycle Trip Across Europe

For a geographer maps are like crystal balls: look deeply into a map and you can see the past.  Gaze at it long enough and you can see the future. ...Read More »


Destinations > Italy

The Italia 150 ExpeditionPlus! Bicycle Ride

Covers the Length of Italy While Italians may continue to bicker over whether Giuseppe Garibaldi made a huge mistake 150 years ago in uniting the South of Italy with the...Read More »