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by ExperiencePlus! - Thursday, September 5, 2013 Welcome from Sardinia

There a few rare cycling destinations that ExperiencePlus! offers simply because we feel that you would be missing out on something extraordinary if you don’t ride there. For some unfathomable reason these places aren’t on anyone’s bucket list, you haven’t seen movies or read about them, but they are truly too good to miss. Fortunately we know you! We know that many of you are looking for some place unique and that what really matters are fabulous routes, compelling history and culture, scrumptious food, comfortable locally owned accommodations, and changing landscapes. For you we recommend the following possibilities in 2014:

Cycling from Poland to Hungary with ExperiencePlus!Back for 2014 – Cycling Poland to Slovakia Plus! Hungary:
Our ride from Krakow, Poland to Budapest, Hungary allows you to compare three different Soviet satellite countries and their response to privatization after nearly fifty years of socialist rule of the Soviet Union. But that’s the tip of the historic iceberg you’ll also capture a thousand years of central European history over the thirteen day ride. You’ll enter Slovakia on a bicycle and pedestrian trail along the Dunajec River in Pieniny National Park, wind through rural Slovak forests, and around the High Tatra mountains, part of the Carpathian Mountain Range.  Hilltop villages and ancient castles call from above and remain a testament to the important border region that this area has been for a thousand years.

Northern Argentina - mountains, canyons, vineyards and more with ExperiencePlus!Discover Northern Argentina Plus! the Ruins of Quilmes:
Photos of ExperiencePlus! riders have featured prominently in the Salta region’s tourism brochures and local billboards because we were the first company who offered tours in the area. This area offers a treasure box full of possibilities – salt flats, cloud forest, canyon and wine country, lush valleys, mountains, and pre-Incan ruins. We know of nowhere else in the world that offers a greater variety of landscapes in such a small area. Not to mention that Cafayate where we’ll stay  for two nights features one of our favorite hotels anywhere. Feast on locally produced goat cheese, wine, empanadas, beef, and llama. There are daily flights from Buenos Aires to Salta and San Miquel de Tucuman where the tour begins and ends.

A bell maker in Sardinia with ExperiencePlus!Cycling Sardinia – Alghero to Cagliari:
You’ll find this incredible Italian island just off the northern coast of Africa. Our cycling route was designed so that prevailing winds push (at least that’s the plan!) you from the west coast across the island to the capitol Cagliari in the southeast. It’s hard to imagine a cycling tour that offers more spectacular coastal and mountainous scenery, but the thing that we really love about this trip are the frequent opportunities to meet artisans and incredibly friendly locals. The food is also exceptional if you love seafood you’ll be in heaven but there are also fabulous vegetarian options – pasta, risotto, some of the best cheese, olives all accompanied by the addictive carta musica or panne carrasau a very thin cracker type bread. There is only one way to beat this ride and that’s to combine it with our Corsica tour which is a mere 7 nautical miles to the north and now famous thanks to the 2014 Tour de France.

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