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A taste for fabulous food runs in the ExperiencePlus! family. Paola’s brother and father both owned restaurants, so we know how to find the best cuisine wherever we travel! On our tours we are always looking for memorable culinary experiences to provide our customers. That’s why so many of our tours include food-related activities and fantastic meals. We carefully chose and catalogued each savory experience on our tours – from your wine tasting in France to your visit to the Balsamic Vinegar cellar in Modena and your meal at a local Trattoria or Taberna. (Just to be sure we’d found the best meals for you, we tasted them all twice!) With ExperiencePlus! your culinary experiences don’t stop when you fly home. On a cold winter night – while you plan your next cycling trip – you’ll warm your heart and stir wonderful memories with a bowl of Aunt Angiolina’s classic bean soup, a super easy bruschetta, or breakfast of authentic crepes.

Pisco Sour Chile _Header

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Recipe: Chile’s Take on the Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour Cool drink. Hot debate. After a day of cycling along the stunning beaches of Chile’s Central Coast and landing in the little fishing village of Duao, ExperiencePlus! riders...Read More »

Smørrebrød - Photo source: Wikicommons

Destinations > Denmark, Recipes

Recipe: Denmark’s Rye Bread – Rugbrød

Denmark’s Dark, Healthy Rye Old Meets “New Nordic” Cuisine Thoughts of cycling through Denmark likely take your mind to charming Danish towns, coastlines sculpted by striking fjords, and retired Viking...Read More »



15-Minute Pasta Recipe: Strozzapreti

Strozzapreti “STRANGLE THE PRIEST” A PASTA STEEPED IN TRADITION Preparing and having lunch together is a long-held tradition for staff at the Farm, our headquarters in Italy. This simple, delicious...Read More »

Cycling The Italian Lakes District


Manzo All’Olio Di Rovato or Rovato Beef

Manzo All’Olio Di Rovato Or “Beef In Oil” A tip of the “Priest’s Hat”  from the Franciacorta Region of Northern Italy An Italian alternative to a classic Sunday beef roast, try...Read More »

Cappelletti - from Romagna


Cappelletti in Brodo

Thanks to my parents’ crazy idea that maybe – just maybe – people would want to travel the world by bike, I grew up spending May through September in Italy from when...Read More »

Grandma Zoisa's farm in the foothills of the Tatra Mountains


Recipe: Paczki or Polish Donuts

In between the rolling hills of Sierockie, Poland, Grandma Zoisa lives quietly in a tiny village with a population of around 500 residents. The Tatra Mountains watch over her small...Read More »

Afternoon at an outdoor cafe



I am beside myself with excitement about our new cycling tour that goes from Copenhagen to Berlin! One reason is a food item you will undoubtedly encounter along the way...Read More »

ExperiencePlus! cyclist in the Dolomites


South Tyrolean Apple Soup

Don’t you love South Tyrol and its unique mix of Italian and Austrian culture, languages, tradition and cuisine? On top of its cultural fascination, to me South Tyrol is the...Read More »

Romesco Sauce - photo courtesy of wikipedia


Romesco Sauce

Tour leader Joan Escosura shares this recipe for Romesco Sauce which is a specialty of  the Catalonia region of Spain where he lives (and leads bicycle tours!) Joan also wisely...Read More »



Melon with Black Pepper and Mint

Melone Ghiacciato con Menta  or Melon with Black Pepper and Mint This refreshing dish comes to us from Bea Tassinari, our Country Coordinator in Italy, who also helps coordinate lunches...Read More »

Cucumber, Radish and Parsley Salad


Cucumber, Radish and Parsley Salad

This salad is always a hit as we jump into the spring and summer growing seasons. It is crunchy, nutritional, easy to make and attractive to serve. Many simple variations...Read More »

Flavor Your Olive Oil


Flavor Your Olive Oil

ExperiencePlus! tour leader Yorgos Paraskevopoulos, hails from Kalamata, Greece and has been leading tours with us since 1999. He lives in Kalamata, Greece where he harvests and cares for his...Read More »



Winter Vegetable Soup

Here’s a toasty winter vegetable soup to keep you warm as you wait for spring to finally arrive. Serves 4 1 ½ tablespoons diced carrot 1 ½ tablespoons diced celery...Read More »

Agoureleo or unripe olive oil


Unripe Olive Oil: Less is More

ExperiencePlus! tour leader Yorgos Paraskevopoulos, hails from Kalamata, Greece and has been leading tours with us since 1999. He lives in Kalamata, Greece where he harvests and cares for his family’s...Read More »

Cycling in Ireland with ExperiencePlus!


Chocolate Guinness, Bailey’s, and Whiskey Cupcakes

Looking for an inspired Valentine’s Day gift for the love of your life? We have the perfect idea – A bicycling tour of Ireland presented with this decadent and delicious...Read More »

Riserva dello Zingaro Sicily


A Sicilian Feast

I just came back from an hiking trip on the eastern side of Sicily that included Catania, Siracusa, Val di Noto, Ragusa, to name just a few of the gorgeous...Read More »

Creamy Chickpea Soup


Zuppa di Ceci (Creamy Chickpea Soup)

This tasty recipe is a typical “peasant” soup from the Umbria region of Italy. The perfect companion on a chilly night. Serves 6 Ingredients: 1 pound dried chickpeas 1 carrot,...Read More »

Photo by ExperiencePlus! traveler Alan Razak


Straccetti with Arugula and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

This recipe comes to us from the Scuola di Cucina Bologna which we visit on our Whole Journey’s Culinary Delights bicycling tours in Italy. Ingredients: 1 pound of veal thinly...Read More »

Tomato, Chickpea, Feta


Tomato, Chickpea, and Feta Salad with Za’atar

Joeann Gutowski, of our Fort Collins office shares an easy and delicious salad recipe that gets our taste buds yearning for the Mediterranean. This is the time of year when...Read More »

Sweet Crepes


Breton Crêpes

John Giebler (our Director of Tours, and occasional tour leader in France and Italy) shares his favorite crêpe recipe in honor of the new ExperiencePlus! tour in Brittany and Normandy....Read More »

Wine labels tell you more than you might think.

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What Your Wine Bottle Is Trying to Tell You

Many of us select wine based on whether or not we are attracted to the label, but that label and the bottle are actually trying to tell us something about...Read More »



No Knead Flatbread/Pizza Dough

About 2 years ago I decided I wanted try my hand at making some quick pizza or flatbread style dough. As I was looking for recipes I ran across a...Read More »

Tarte Tatin


Tarte Tatin

Two sisters, Carolina (1847-1911) and Stéphine Tatin (1838-1917), from Lamotte-Beuvron, a small village in the Loire Valley of France, are considered the creators of this wonderful tart. The sisters owned and...Read More »



Roasted Asparagus with Hollandaise

April marks the beginning of asparagus season in Germany and in France and is cause for celebration because it also means that spring has finally arrived. In Germany asparagus fever...Read More »