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Plank on the Paris to Marseille ride with ExperiencePlus!


Keeping Your Body Happy, Keeps You Happy

So you’ve been putting in lots of hours of training and preparation for your upcoming ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tour, fantastic!  All of these hours will certainly help make your tour that...Read More »

Biceps and Biking in Argentina with ExperiencePlus!


Mighty Motivation

What is motivation? Quite literally, it is the desire to do things.  Everyone has motivation but it seems like some days we have more of it than others.  Motivation in...Read More »

Cycling in Argentina and Chile with ExperiencePlus!


Training for Hills When You Don’t Have Any

You have an exciting Experience Plus! Bicycle tour of Chile and Argentina to look forward to!  You are visualizing the beautiful Cardenal Samore Pass with inviting thermal pools waiting for...Read More »

Yoga at the border of Chile and Argentina


Preparing for the Cycling Season

As a native Floridian who has a fierce hatred of the cold, it will still be a couple weeks before I venture out for an outdoor ride in beautiful Northern...Read More »