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Getting Fit…Literally

As a former athlete, I struggled a bit figuring out a new adult identity after college.  I didn’t want to lose my identity as an athlete but let’s be honest,Full Story

A Retul bike fitting

ExperiencePlus! Staff Gift Ideas

It’s time once again for the ExperiencePlus! Not Really Annual Christmas Gift Recommendations. About every other year ExperiencePlus! staff put together a list of what they consider to be the ...

From Zeppelins to Bone Shakers Euro Bike 2010

I think the tides of change are a coming for cyclists everywhere. And change is good, especially if it gets you on a bike!  Surprisingly to those who ride regularly, ...

A Brief Introduction to Cycling Lingo

There is no need to buy a plane ticket to experience a new world  –  just take up a new sport. Consider cycling for example:  Ever been to the pain ...

Stepping Into Cycling Footwear

In selecting shoes for use as you pedal on your ExperiencePlus! bicycling vacation remember the basics—comfort, safety, and function both on and off the bike.  To help with your decision ...