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A group of happy cyclists after a day's ride.

Do You Dream of a Different Kind of Travel?

The cycling vacation fine-tuned to fit you perfectly

There’s a cycling trip for everyone. Young or old. Agile or not so much. All it takes is a spirit of adventure. So close your eyes and imagine your dream vacation.

You’re seeing the sights of Tuscany or Chile.

You’re riding down a rolling hill, spy a flock of sheep out of the corner of your eye, smell the sea breezes. It feels just right—it’s energizing! 

If this is the kind of experience you're looking for, then you’re the kind of rider we’re looking for!

Overseas Adventure Travel With ExperiencePlus!:

Finding your fit starts with choosing between our destinations and hundreds of regions, cities, and villages to explore. But the most important thing is that we have tours for your level of ability - whether you’re a cycling novice or a long distance explorer or somewhere in between. The great thing about overseas adventure travel is that it surpasses your imagination.  From rain forests to soaring mountain passes, ancient ruins to modern architecture - if you can think of it, we have a tour that fits your imagination and then exceeds it!

Your journey, your pace

ExperiencePlus! provides all the resources you’ll need – before, during, and after –  to make your trip as satisfying as it can possibly be. And we eliminate some of the drawbacks – like spending days laboring over routes or traveling in a pack.

Our Unique Chalk-Guided Bicycle Tours

Our signature chalk arrows (drawn by a tour leader each and every day) mark your route. Navigation becomes a breeze and you are free to cycle at your leisure. This same freedom enables you to leave the group for a few hours of cycling on your own. Remember you’re safe and secure - the chalk knows where you’re to go.

Your travel companions

Your fellow travelers are some of the best cycling companions you could ask for.

Each year, almost 70% of our riders are repeat customers or people who were referred by others who have been on tour with us. Our style of travel appeals to people who are curious, welcome every opportunity to explore another culture, and enjoy being active.  They appreciate fabulous food.  They love meeting new friends, sharing their experiences…and having relaxed ‘after ride’ fun! If that sounds a lot like you, you’ll feel right at home on one of our bicycle tours.

Your pleasure

Food, glorious food
Every meal on tour is an opportunity to savor the splendor of a region.
Brie and Burgundy in Beaune. Seafood risotto in Venice. Dulce de Leche in Argentina.

We ensure that the restaurants are authentic, welcoming, and off the beaten track. Accommodations are selected on the same principles. We’ll choose a comfortable, three-star hotel in the historic center of town over the isolated luxury chain.

Your bill of rights

We are proud to have developed what we think is a great check list for someone interested in guided bicycle tours. When it came together, it just seemed natural to call it a Cyclist’s Bill of Rights. Familiarize yourself with it because it will help you pick the best company and then experience it when you join us on tour.