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Yorgos Paraskevopoulos

Yorgos Paraskevopoulos has been leading bicycle tours for ExperiencePlus! since 1999, when he met Rick and Paola (ExperiencePlus! co-founders) on the Greek Isles where he was working as a cruise director. You'll find Yorgos on ExperiencePlus! tours in Greece, Scotland, Italy and Turkey. When he is not working, he retreats to his home town of Kalamata, Greece and spends the winter months caring for his family's olive trees and producing exceptional olive oil and Kalamata olives. He also designs and runs self-guided bike tours of the Southern Peloponnese.


“Yorgos was the perfect choice for tour leader; so accomplished and simply excellent.”

"Yorgos was fantastic on my Greece trip and the second time when I was able to travel with him in Scotland, he did not disappoint. He provides that special leadership that I've come to love from ExperiencePlus. Everything was taken care of; he has fantastic humor, and an ability to adapt to each guest and whatever comes his way."  

"Yorgos is the consummate professional. I was extremely impressed by his poise, his charm and confidence. I sense he has a sincere appreciation for how much this trip meant to us and that it was just as important for him. I never got the sense that he was just doing his job. I felt that he really connected with us as people and cared deeply that we had the best possible experience. My only negative comment is that I'm now going to have to put up with another year of my wife having a crush on him..."

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