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Stéphane Brochemin

Stéphane Brochemin was born and grew up in Lyon where he also studied and earned his degree in French literature.

For years he spent every summer with friends exploring the nicest corners of France on two wheels and loved it so much that he eventually expanded his horizons and biked in Australia, Cuba, and South East Asia. One of the best years of Stéphane’s life took place in Iceland, where he worked and explored some rugged places hiking and climbing with locals. After that he was a cross country ski instructor for three winters in California's beautiful Sierra Nevada, going back to France in the summer to guide hikes in the French Alps.

Stéphane started leading bike tours in 1996 and has been at it ever since, except for a forced two-year absence due to a serious accident in Khirgiztan where he broke his leg badly on a climbing expedition. The slow recovery process gave him a greater appreciation for the simple things in life including being able to share a love of bicycle travel and culture with others.

He splits his time between the beautiful village of Villard Notre Dame in Oisans home to only 12 hearty souls in winter, and his house in Chasselay between Lyon and the Beaujolais. His other passions include wine, chess, and perfecting his rose growing skills.

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