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Silvia Cafora

Silvia Cafora is a natural born traveler!

She was born in Milan, where she currently lives, but has also lived in Chile and in Paris where she studied and worked as an Architect. She has a degree in Sustainable Architecture, which deals with green design. Passionate about public spaces, their reutilization, and the process of self-building, Silvia has collaborated with Architects Without Borders in Milan. She worked on the creation of the first co-housing in Italy and believes in participatory architecture. After deciding to live with as little impact on the environment as possible, she started cultivating saffron in a field near Milan which is the key to making the best risotto alla milanese! Silvia believes that biking is an urban way of life, a perfect way to get around, and the ideal speed in which to see the world! She speaks English, French, Spanish, a bit of Russian and Italian of course!

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