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Pierre Igor Garoia

Pierre was born in the heart of France, in Auvergne and was raised in both France and Italy. His French grandfather bought a caravan to celebrate the birth of his new “travel buddy” –Yes, Pierre was quite spoiled when you consider that most kid’s first vehicle would be more along the lines of a matchbox car! Not to be outdone his Italian "nonno" was a truck driver and regularly took Pierre with him on his routes. These “grandfather trips” helped develop Pierre’s love for travel, art, nature, and cuisine.

Pierre studied architecture in Florence and has worked in both Italy and Provence organizing summer camps of landscape restoration, social reinsertion and working holidays with local associations. In the early 1990s he opened his first artist workshop in Fano, Italy, and in 1994 moved to Australia, co-directing an Aboriginal Art gallery in Brisbane and organizing workshops with important aboriginal artists and communities. Pierre has also shown his art work in various galleries around the world.

He loves sharing his passion for art and culture and likes working with people. To be a guide with ExperiencePlus! is his ideal job as he says: "the best place to be in the world is on your bike....let's have a look around..."

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