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Michele Boglioni

Michele was born and raised in Italy. Though he enjoyed his studies in Environmental Sciences and tried to work in the environmental law field he soon felt the need to escape. He headed to Australia for six-months of backpacking. After some soul searching on the trip he decided that upon his return to Italy he'd pursue a job working with kids in an environmental education school. The opportunity to teach kids about how things work in nature was a highlight. In 2004 Michele landed at ExperiencePlus! leading numerous tours throughout Europe and South America. One of our most popular tour leaders Michele led four ExpeditionPlus! trips and over 40 "regular" ExperiencePlus! tours. 2011 starts a more tranquil job, taking care of logistics and quality on European tours. Some say that the real reason for the change is a wife and a baby coming in November of 2011!


“Michele goes out of his way to make the tour great. He worked with the locals well, and was well liked by me and my fellow travelers.”

“Excellent; he is smart, personable, friendly. He always added a ray of sunshine to the day!”

“Michele is outstanding. We have traveled with him before and continue to find his leadership and organizational skills exemplary. He is sensitive to safety and yet encourages and adapts to individual riders’ interests and abilities. He is always helpful and has a great sense of humor.” 

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