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Loïc Tyberghein 

Loïc was born in the city of Liège and spent most of his life in Lincé, a small village a few kilometres from the Belgian Ardennes. In secondary school, he loved mathematics, chemistry and physics and wanted to become a chemist, but after a year in São Paulo, Brazil, as an exchange student with the Rotary International, he found his true passion was languages and became an interpreter instead. Loïc studied at the Université de Mons, went to Soria, Spain for an Erasmus exchange and ultimately got his master's degree in interpreting Spanish and English. He knew Portuguese from his stay in São Paulo, and sought ways to spend time on luso ground so visited the Azores with a grant and had the time of his life. Loïc has enjoyed cycling for as long as he can remember and grew up 3km away from La Redoute, the most famous climb in Liège-Bastogne-Liège. His second passion is beer and he hopes to soon be brewing his own with a friend. Loïc is also a self-taught musician and plays both the drums and the guitar.

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