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Jonathan Hancock

Jonathan Hancock has a degree in International Affairs and French from the University of Colorado at Boulder. For a Montana boy who grew up on a farm, he has always had a thirst for travel and has hung his hat in many places across the US. He has spent several years studying, traveling, and working throughout France as an English teacher, translator, cook, and landscaper. He currently lives in Faenza, Italy near the Adriatic coast where he enjoys the simple pleasures of Italian life. Jonathan works as our European Tour Leader Manager and acts as a consultant for our tours in France. If you wish to contact Jonathan, send an e-mail to jonathan {at} experienceplus.com.

"Jonathan graciously allowed flexibility without inconveniencing others in the group of cyclists. Jonathan's knowledge base about French history and culture and his language skills were impressive. In addition, he is charming and personable."

“There is cool and there is competent; then there is cooly competent: this describes Jonathan! His outstanding command of the language, his terrific interest in and knowledge of France, Provence, and the French, and his sense of humor and good spirits provided us with a very memorable experience.”

“Jonathan ensured that we could make the most of the cultural and historical experiences available. He was very good about putting things into historical context, and was just outstanding.”



 Jonathan Hancock