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Gwendal Guéry

Gwendal studied Celtic Civilizations and languages at the University of Rennes in Brittany. After graduating he started to travel the world on foot first and then by bicycle, splitting his time between working in Brittany and traveling. He has ridden his bike in many countries: France and Spain, Eastern Europe, Chile and Peru, Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, Canada, China, Japan, Siberia and in the USA (with a banjo, from one bluegrass festival to the next one, trying to learn how to play it ... he is still trying!) Gwendal leads tours in France and began his first season with us in 2011.


“Extremely helpful and engaging. He's definitely a keeper.”

“[He was] very knowledgeable of French history. Gwendal was very easy to talk to and he was always there to provide assistance. Nothing was too much for him to do.”

"Gwendal has the right combination of skills, masterful knowledge of French language and culture, a love of cycling, and a friendly, approachable personality.  He shared with us about his life and we were inspired by what he's done. We hope we will see him again on an ExperiencePlus! tour in the future." 

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