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Gabriel Donati

Gabriel grew up in Milan until he was 20 and his studies moved him to Germany where he grew more acquainted with the bicycle world. He has attempted to develop a 360 degree interest for this two-wheeled contraption: from building bikes to bicycle touring and even some small races (mainly single speed and cyclocross). Having grown up in one of the most polluted cities in the world (the average CO2 emissions in Milan are 3 times higher than allowed by European standards) gave him the motivation and conviction to work with bicycles - not only as a way to improve his life, but as a way to get in touch with nature. He currently lives in Tuscany with his girlfriend and the two of them have recently taken up beekeeping.


“Gabriel was a hard worker, the best "arrowsmith" of the group, excellent bike mechanic and seemed to know a lot about local knowledge.”  

“He was enthusiastic, friendly,and engaging!”

“Gabriel was the best chalk marker and always smiling.”

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