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Cristina Taioli

Cristina Taioli was born in Cesena, Italy where she also currently lives (Cesena is not too far from the "farm", the ExperiencePlus! European headquarters). She received her B.A. in Environmental Sciences at the University of Bologna. She is currently working on her Masters in Ravenna in "Environmental Cooperation and Sustainable Development". Cristina has worked as a researcher on sea turtles and sharks in Greece, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas. She has been a Marine Biology teacher in the Red Sea (Egypt), and the Maldives, and a Dive Master on boats in Thailand. She lived for 2 years in the U.S. and Australia, where she volunteered in some National Parks. She also worked at the Sealife Center of Birmingham, UK, and at the Dolphinarium & Sea Turtle Rescue Center in Italy. She has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa (19,000 feet) and has written 2 books: Hakuna Matata, about her trip to Africa, and Rio, a WWF and Greenpeace recommended book about the Amazon forest. Rio is available in English. Currently she is one of the directors of the “Tiger Center”, a non-profit organization in India (www.tigercenter.org). She speaks English, Spanish, French, and of course Italian! Cristina has been with ExperiencePlus! since 1999 leading cycling tours seasonally, mostly in Italy.

"You have the best tour guides I have ever experienced. Cristina, Sara & Damiano are awesome!!"

“She’s funny, willing, terrific, helpful, competent, dedicated, hard working, very very good in handling people and in working with the restaurateurs, hotel employees, etc. This is a born leader!”

“Cristina was the perfect tour manager. She was always on top of the plan, the schedule and our concerns. Very approachable, friendly, accommodating. She always told us what to expect in terms of biking difficulty, food, all of it!” 

"Her humor and wit is great as a guide and I would only hope to tour again with her in the future!" 

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