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Andrea Garreffa

Andrea was born in Savona and raised in Bologna, Italy. During his childhood he spent four years in New York City. Though Andrea considers Bologna his hometown, a long distance bike tour from Bologna to Budapest in 2007 reintroduced a "seed of nomadism" that he'd felt from his early childhood. Since then, he and his friends have chosen a different destination to explore each summer. In 2008 he crossed all the Alps from Trieste to Nice; in 2009 he biked from Bologna to Berlin and in 2010 from Bologna to Paris. 2012 was the year of the Balkan discovery: from Split (Croatia) to Bar (Montenegro) crossing Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Durmitor National Park.

He holds a Masters in Communication with a focus on environmental issues and loves to promote the use of bicycle wherever he goes, whatever he does! While in college, he studied for 9 months in Valencia (Spain), 6 months in Santa Barbara, California, and had a 3 month internship in Washington, DC.

Andrea speaks three languages fluently: Italian, English and Spanish. He loves travelling, sports (basketball in particular), and reading.  Some of his favorite recent travel experiences were to India and Mexico. He just finished attending a professional baking course to learn to make authentic Italian bread and focaccia and he loves growing his own vegetables in a garden plot.

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