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Alex Pardilla Marin

Alex was born in the city of the Alhambra, Granada, which ExperiencePlus! visits on the Cycling Andalucia tour. When people think of Alhambra they often consider the monument and the city’s proximity to the Costa del Sol, but Alex would like you all to know that there is so much more to his home town.  Alex believes he developed his passion for nature and outdoor activities in large part because he grew up surrounded by Alhambra’s enormous mountains, forests and rivers.

Alex studied Physical Education and Sports to develop and hone his teaching and athletic skills. Since then he’s worked with both children and adults, teaching, developing and guiding many activities such as swimming, skiing, climbing, mountain biking and lately the Pilates Method . There is nothing quite as satisfying as helping students or colleagues discover a new passion. Working with children has made the world a more fascinating place for Alex and he’s discovered how to examine it through their eyes. They’ve also reminded Alex how fun it is to simply play outside with friends. So who would like to join him?

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