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Sabrina Moriconi 

Sabrina describes herself as "one of those trilingual European-Americans" who doesn't really know where to call home. Washington DC (summer months in Italy and Belgium) She grew up in Washington D.C., and spent summer months in Italy and Belgium. She studied history at Columbia University. She currently lives in Southern Italy, close to Naples, with her husband Pasquale, and her children Marco and Giada. Sabrina is now the Country Coordinator for tours in France but began leading ExperiencePlus! tours in 1998.

  • With ExperiencePlus! since: 1998
  • Languages: English, French, Italian and some Spanish
  • Favorite bike item: Back rack pannier
  • Favorite place to ride: Near the sea or in rolling terrain
  • Next dream vacation: I’d love to go to Japan, Cuba, Chile, Argentina

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