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Jonathan Hancock

After obtaining his in degree International Affairs and French, Jonathan moved to Europe inspired by the different local perspectives and identities there. Convinced that foreign languages, travel and cross-cultural experiences play a key role in our success and well-beingJonathan and Gertrude he travelled and worked throughout France for several years as an English teacher, translator, cook, and landscaper. He started leading bicycle tours with us in 2001, and as he deepened his knowledge and experience, he became our France Country Coordinator, managing our operations throughout the country. Drawn also to Italy where we have our European headquarters, Jonathan moved to Faenza in 2009. Since then he manages our European team of tour leaders and continues to lead a few tours each year fueling his passion for the many meaningful experiences made possible by local bicycle travel and the interesting people he meets along the way. If you wish to contact Jonathan, send an e-mail to jonathan {at} experienceplus.com.

"Jonathan graciously allowed flexibility without inconveniencing others in the group of cyclers. Jonathan's knowledge base about French history and culture and his language skills were impressive. In addition, he is charming and personable."

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